Day with 93.5 FM Team

A Day with 93.5 FM Team

It was 22nd May and we were invited by 93.5 FM team who are our official Radio Partner. We reached 93.5 FM office at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and it was quite hot outside. It seemed as if sun is very angry and showering immense heat at around 42 degree Celsius. Although we were called at the office at 3.30pm, we preferred reaching office prior to the given time. There they discussed and narrated the day’s plan which included a trip of Chandigarh in which we had few stops that awaited us surprises.

tripbyroads at 935 fm office 2


Stop No 1: Pal Dhaba

Here is the 93.5 FM team with TripByRoads team. Our city trip of Chandigarh started at 4.30pm. Our first stop was Pal Dhaba of sector 28 Chandigarh, where we met with the owner of Pal Dhaba who was very calm and we got his blessings for the trip and we were offered sweet dish as a tradition to start a good deed. Rohin was greeted with flower garland from the owner of Pal Dhaba which was a great thing on his part and we were obliged with his conduct. We definitely recommend all our friends to go and visit here.

tripbyroads at pal dhaba

Stop No 2: Panjab University

We had a huge surprise at Panjab University as well. We were greeted by a lot of people there we began to be recognized by people there. All and sundry stared at us like we were some celebrity as our SUV was completely filled with brand names and it no more looked like a normal vehicle, also the cameras that surrounded us made us look special. Two guys in the university wished us good luck by singing songs along with guitar and other natural music. It was a great experience and we were overwhelmed with such an honor that we were provided. We were also live on 93.5 FM with RJ Rishi and RJ Lakha on several shows. Below is a pic of our unique experience of Panjab University.

tripbyroads at panjab university

Stop No 3: Max Hospital

Max Hospital was our 3rd stop and we were surprised to see that the senior doctors in the hospital faculty gifted us human safety first aid kit which is of great help and we are very thankful to the hospital for this. The hospital is very well maintained and the staff was also very amazing. All the people were organized and well behaved. They also gave us healthy tips about food that we should eat during such long trip and food which we should avoid. Have a look at our memory at Max Hospital.

tripbyroads at max hospitaltripbyroads at max hospital 2







Stop No 4: Shivalik Bakery

Shivalik Bakery of sector 36 was our 4th stop of the city.  The owners of Shivalik Bakery are newly married couple and they form an absolutely amazing couple. They greeted us nicely and wished us good luck for our record trip and also offered us with pastries, patties which were absolutely awesome. After having these things to eat we also had soft drinks. We enjoyed alot over there and also went live on 93.5 FM. Below is our memory at Shivalik Bakery.

tripbyroads at shivalik bakery

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